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Benefits of Energen Milk and Cereal Drinks

Energen Milk and Cereal Drink in sachet is probably one of the most sought kind of ready to go products out there that people take daily, specially in the morning.

Benefits of Energen Milk and Cereal Drinks

While other people might also take them without any specific time across the day, it cannot be denied that Energen Milk and Cereal Drink comes with a lot of nutrients and vitamins.

In order to get a glimpse of the benefits that can be taken from this milk and cereal combo, one must start looking at the ingredients listed at the back of its sachets.

First in the list of beneficial things do come from the product's nutritional declaration.

The ingredients, as we have listed in a post before would tell you that cereals are somewhat abundant of many good things in each pack.

Take a look at the ingredients below:

Sugar, Creamer, Milk powder, Wheat flour, Sugar, Corn, Oats, Malt extracts, Eggs, Salt, Calcium, Vanillin and Vitamins.

Functions of nutrients in Energen Milk and Cereal Drinks:

Vitamin A – to keep your skin and eyes healthy.

Vitamin B12 – important in producing red blood and strengthening energy metabolism.

Vitamin D – essential in the absorption of vitamins in the body.

Vitamin E – for skin protection and body immunity.

Calcium – helps in the formation and protection of bones and skin density.

Benefits of Cereals:

Cereal is considered as the best choice for breakfast, Kellogg's website said.

Cereals "are probably the greatest source of energy for humans.", wrote Organic Facts. It provides almost 30% of the total calories in a regular diet, the website added.

Cereals are also:
- High in mineral content
- Helps prevent cancer
- Prevents constipation and colon disorders
- Maintains blood sugar level
- Provides protein to the body
- Helps in preventing multimorbidity
- Sources of vitamins

On the other hand, there are also negative things about cereals. Since most of the grains, by nature, are acidic, they can trigger acidity within the tissues and blood.

If you are choosing Energen Milk and Cereal Drinks as part of your diet or meals, you must also examine other declared nutrition facts in the labels, such as sugar and milk components, etc.

Source: Kellogg's, Organic Facts, Food Recap

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