Sunday, 27 April 2014

Kopiko L.A. Coffee (Low Acid Coffee) Nutrition Facts

Here's to show you Kopiko L.A. Coffee (Low Acid Coffee) Nutrition Facts. The 'L.A' should be confused as anythings else but 'Low Acid'.

Kopiko L.A. Coffee is a low acid coffee mix from from product line of Kopiko itself. It is tailored for the consumers with issues on acidity. This coffee product is 'Gastiric Friendly'. Kopiko L.A. Coffee is:
  • on a special low acid formula
  • under controlled roasting process
  • of high quality coffee beans

Kopiko L.A. Coffee

The suggested retail price of Kopiko L.A. Coffee is P6, but normally, it goes for P7 or P8 in the Sari-Sari or variety stores.

Kopiko L.A. Coffee

Kopiko L.A. Coffee is produced by PT TORABIKA EKA SEMESTA. It is distributed by Tridharma Marketing Corporation, located at Whse 5A, Ignacio Compound, #48 A. Rodriguez Avenue, Manggahan, Pasig, Philippines.

Kopiko L.A. Coffee includes: Non dairy creamer, sugar, instant coffee, coffee flavor - as what can be found in the product label.

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