Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Nagaraya 'Original Cracker Nuts' Original Butter Flavor

Nagaraya 'Original Cracker Nuts' Original Butter Flavor -- Nagaraya is one of the old but still famous peanuts cracker snack in town. This one we featured is the original flavor - the 'Original Butter Flavor'.

Nagaraya Original Cracker Nuts

Looking at Nagaraya's back label, we found the following information as reflected in the image below. The ingredients include - selected peanuts, wheat flour, sugar, food starch-modified, butter and iodized salt. 

Nagaraya cracker nuts is made in the Philippines by Foods Industries, Inc. Its office address is located in Makati, Metro Manila. 

Nagaraya Original Cracker Nuts

Based on the image above, we see no nutritional facts written. But at least you get to know what you are eating by looking at the ingredients' list.
The more you crunch, the more you love... but who wants to stop! It's a fun and filling treat that's perfect for individual snacks or parties.

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