Monday, 12 May 2014

A Quick Guide to %DV or Percent Daily Value

Some of us could be unmindful what we take in a day to day basis, so much so, the amount of supposed percent of fats and other nutrients that can be found, at least in every packed product we have around.

For a quick reference, the general rule and guide according to FDA is:

5% DV or less is low and 20% DV or more is high

Referring to all nutrients, it is safe to stand on the point that '5%DV or less is low'. This may include the nutrients that we would want to limit intake, such as fat, saturated fat, cholesterol, and sodium among others and those that we want to have in greater amounts like fiber and calcium.

The percent daily value quick guide below shows that a '20% DV or more is high' (all nutrients). If we take a look at the 'Total Fat' label on top of the list, the 18% mark is not yet high, at least for one serving. But if we double things up, say we take two packages of the same food or product, our total fat consumption would become 36%. Obviously, it goes out of the allowable daily percent range.

Quick guide to percent daily value

total fat allowance daily

total fat daily allowance

So what does 36% mean in the real sense? Simply, it leaves you 64% of fat intake from other kinds of foods for the day, and that includes snacks and drinks.

So now perhaps, balanced diet comes into mind, right?

The next time you consume that thing up, take some time to see what's written in the back label.

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